Vessel of Gratitude

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by Tigger Benford and Party 

Party includes Musicians:  Todd Isler, Rex Benincasa, Arthur Kell, Peter Jones, Jesse Manno, David Schulman  Instruments:  Drums, Drum Set, Percussion, Canjon, Bass, Piano, Bouzouki, dudek, violin, aud, caxixi, Marimba, tabla, accordian, saz, boddhran, fig, udu-boo, dholak, Moroccan clappers, congas, cowbell cura, bazouki, and amadinda.

8 long tracks :  some mixed meter.
Track 1 Vessel of Gratitude


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Vessel of Gratitude by Tigger Benford & Party

From the inset: I (Tigger Benford) am listed as the composer of these tunes.  However I don’t have the skill or the interest to present a finished score to the musicians that they need only to execute.  Every member of the project contributed creatively to these tunes in major ways.  I provided melodies, some bass lines, metric structures and song forms.  I chose the order of the tunes and named them.  the musicians filled in the details of their parts, bringing them to life,  We collaborated on instrument choices and general character.  Harmonic lines were created by the musicians themselves.

About the Amadinda: (from the album inset)
“The amadinda is a unique xylophone, originating in the east African country of Uganda.  Amadinda music is pentatonic, or in other words, five tones per octave.  Two players sit opposite each other and play in between each other’s melodies, in steady rhythm.  The resultant combined melody yields the top part, which darts back and forth between the two lower parts, creating a complex, steady, hypnotic music.  EMIL IN THE HOUSE is composed by Benford in traditional style.  the addition of drum set and various melodic instruments is not traditional.”

CONTENTS – Vessel of Gratitude:

1. Vessel of Gratitude

Drums, cajon, bass, piano, bouzouki, dudek, violin



2. Sifnos Dove Oud, drums, dumbek, caxixi, marimba, tabla, bass, accordian, piano, violin  6:38


Sifnos Dove #2 


3. Imbroglio Accordian, Piano, saz, boddhran, rig, dud-boo, violin  6:36
4. You Talkin’ to Me? Cajon, udu-boo, dholak 4:14


5. One Chicken Too Many Bass, drum set, voilin, piano, Moroccan clappers, congas, cowbell, bazouki, cura  7:25


6. Emil is in the House, Part 1&2 Amadinda, drum set, accordian, vioilin, marimba, bass, cura  5:57


7. Emil is in the House, Part 3 Amadinda, drum set, accordian, violin, marimba, bass, cura  5:42


 8. Waltz for Paulette Sears Violin, bass, marimba, piano, accordian, oud  7:20


Vessel Of Gratitude By Tigger Benford and Party 

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