Laurent Choukroun

Paris Opera accompanist – Classical Technique Ballet Class CDs

From the CD inserts:
” Born in Toulouse (France), Laurent Choukroun read musical studies at the National Conservatory. Soon after, he was engaged as a pianist in charge of rehearsing ballet at the Paris Opera Ballet School and has been working there ever since.  He met his wife, a ballerina, and ever since has put a lot of thought into what is necessary for a good ballet class to take place.”

“Laurent Choukroun developed an authentic method of interpretation of the movement applied to all kinds of dance giving complete freedom to the dancer.  this application serves to create a good harmony and understanding between ballet teachers and musicians.”

“Apart from his work at the Opera, Laurent Choukroun is responsible for the training of pianists accompanying ballet classes as well as the preparation of the accompanying pianist state diploma.  He also organizes and leads training courses on the interpretation of movement.”

“Laurent Choukroun has had the honor to work with numerous famous international ballet stars and has been working in very close collaboration with Mademoiselle Claude Bessy, for many years.  He has gained his experience through his many business journey abroad and in France, his international training courses, world renowned competitions and of course his work at the Opera de Paris.”

Grethchen Ward Warren – Professor of Ballet, University of South Tampa Florida (Formerly Ballet Mistress, ABT II and soloist, Pennsylvania Ballet.)  — “Laurent Choukroun’s “playing is technically impeccable, lush, and dynamically varied.  His choices for each exercise could not be better.  They totally support the dance movements both rhythmically and aesthetically.  Rarely have I heard such a musician in the classroom.  Laurent Choukroun has a gift bequeathed to few.”    

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