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Asgard Productions: Music for Dance

Welcome to Asgard Productions!
In business since 1991 and online with www.asgardprod.com website since the 90’s, we produce and distribute music and items for dance classes in a wide variety of styles.  

We have 2 websites:  Both websites remain active

  • www.asgardprod.com  : Our original website, which continues to be up to date.
    • The site is older and is not as responsive on mobile devices and does not have online ordering.
    • Demos of music are online.
    • Items can be purchased by phone or fax or an email can be sent and we will send you an invoice where you can pay directly at PayPal.
    • CDs and printed materials can be ordered but MP3 downloads are not available directly from this site.  Links can be purchased upon request but can be ordered directly from our other website.
    • Benefits are the site loads fast and there is no or very minimal cookies and information exchange.
  • www.asgardproductions.com : our new website!
    • The site has online ordering, wishlists, accounts as well as being responsive on various devices and includes other conveniences for your website experience.
    • We anticipate including other items and information such as articles and dance class aids.
    • Information about your privacy is online as we do handle some personal information.

Our items include specialty music for Modern Dance Technique Classes, Ballet Technique Classes, Dance Repertory Music, Tap Dance, Music for Children,  Relaxation, Creative Movement and more!

We also have printed music for dance class accompanists and syllabuses for dance classes.

There are Demos online so you can hear samples of various CDs.  Some CDs are available for purchase as Mp3 files.

On our new website, we plan to add articles and new items as we go, so stay tuned!  And we are always looking to represent new music and educational materials for dance!

Thanks for visiting our website!