June Olsson

Ballet and Modern Dance CDs, music books and materials

Composer June Olsson (June Cooper) has written music for many theatrical stage & musical productions, including productions for both the Virginia Stage Company and Old Dominion University’s Stables Theatre, and including her own original play, In The Land of the Adagahi, for which she received a composer’s grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Her music and interview for the Virginia Stage Company’s production of MacBeth was featured in the WHRO PBS special “Drawing the Dagger, the Making of MacBeth”.  Additionally, she has been a dance accompanist/composer since 1988 at both the Governor’s School for the Arts in Virginia and Old Dominion University, playing many hundreds of classes and master classes for ballet and modern dance techniques including Hawkins, Limon, Cunningham, Taylor, & Graham to name a few.  She has played classes for over 50 individual instructors of various dance techniques.

Additionally, since 1997 she has worked on video productions in various capacities.  Her credits here includes the ASV Documentary Video on archaeology in Virginia where she filmed, wrote, edited and scored the production.  She has also created, designed and maintains Asgard Productions’ Website, asgardprod.com/.

Originally from New York, she now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, holding a BS in Music from Skidmore College, and a Masters Degree in Humanities from ODU, Phi Beta Kappa.  She taught General Music in the Smithtown Public School in NY, taught music composition and rhythmic analysis for dance at the Governor’s School for the Arts in Virginia, and for 5+ years was the adjunct instructor of Audio and Electronic Music recording, running the University recording studio at Old Dominion University in Virginia.  She has also been  flautist, flute adjudicator & soloist in several orchestras, choir director & music coach.  In conjunction with the Princeton Educational Testing Service she helped write and design the Smithtown School District Music Curricula in New York.   Currently, she produces her own music, CDs, and Video Productions in her recording and video studio at Asgard Productions, in Virginia Beach, VA.

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