David Jacoby

Modern Dance Class Music.
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David Jacoby is a multi-instrumentalist, dance accompanist, and composer currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He is the Modern Dance Accompanist for Colorado State University, as well as Ballet Accompanist for Canyon Concert Ballet and High Country Conservatory of Dance in Fort Collins.  His work includes accompaniment for Colorado Ballet, University of Colorado, University of Wyoming, Reverence Academy of Dance in Lafayette, Colorado, University of Montana, and others.  David has also written music for two ballets by Canyon Concert Ballet, three dance pieces that have premiered in Colorado State University’s Student Concerts, and Ballet 7220’s Alice in Wonderland premiering at the University of Wyoming.  His range of instrumentation includes drum set, percussion, piano, and bagpipes from Scotland, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Russia, as well as other world instruments.  David’s current musical interests lie within the traditions of the Baltic Regions and the Far East, as well as 60’s jazz, lounge, electronica and French Pop.  His current band project, WhiteCatPink  is a combination of visual elements with 60’s lounge and French Pop and Electronic elements.  David’s work on the Newmodern CD will hopefully inspire movement and growth in the dance class setting.  Drawing from a variety of sources from both East and West, it is a colorful palette of sound for Modern Dance and Yoga alike.  David thanks God for giving him the talent to express His beauty for the world to enjoy.

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