Kevin Sport

Modern Dance CDs – Graham Technique – Hawkins Technique

Kevin Sport is a multi-faceted drummer/percussionist whose diverse percussive talents have facilitated a musical life ranging from New York club dates to Cairo concert halls.   He has performed almost every genre of popular and art music imaginable, from middle-eastern dub to indie rock in clubs all over NYC, and with Turkish master drummer Bunyamin Olguncan at the American University in Cairo.

In 2011 he founded Limbs, a percussion duo, with Mark Katsaounis and they have a full calendar of performances and workshops, including a 2014 PASIC performance.  He also works as an accompanist for modern dance classes, playing in studios including The Alvin Ailey School, The Martha Graham School and the J.K.O. School at American Ballet Theatre.  In addition to his studio work, Kevin has released two cd’s for a complete Martha Graham technique class, Hidden Language and Sacred Garment and 1 CD for Horton Technique, Power and Space 

Kevin earned his BM in percussion from James Madison University and has performed and studied gamelan in Bali and dumbek in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco.  The dumbek has since become a centerpiece of his work.

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