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Jon Scoville is currently Music Director of  Tandy Beal & Company and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Utah.  Accomplished composer and dance accompanist, he has toured world-wide and accompanied for many dancers including a partial listing: Glady’s Bailin, Tandy Beal, Ellen Bromberg, Carolyn Carlson, Remy Charlip, Loa Clawson, Lynda Davis, Laura Dean, Bill Evans, Abby Fiat, Phyllis Haskell, David Hochoy, Kelly Holt, Cliff Keuter, Betty Jones, Steve Koester, Marc Lawton, Murray Louis, Cathy McCann, Kathleen McClintock, Donald McKayle, Susan McLain, Douglas Nielsen, Alwin Nikolais, David Popalisky, Shirley Ririe, Carl Schaeffer, Ellen Sevy, Jeff Slayton, Robert Small, Erik Stern, Clay Taliaferro, Doug Varone, Tim Wengerd, Donna White, and Joan Woodbury.

A partial listing of his works include:  An Atlas of Shadows (1999 Tandy Beal Salt Lake City Premiere), Looking for Signs At The Crossroads (Instrumental Suite produced and recorded in Rio de Janiero 1998), HATS (1997 Instrumental Suitecommissioned by New Music Works), DEMODEX (Score for Amiens Ecole du Dance, Premiere 1996 in Amiens, France), Clad Only in Green  and Starstream (2 pieces for VIVA!  a musical circus featuring performers from the Moscow Circus), Aurora (a dance score for Alwin Nikolais), and Ceremonies in Dark Places (dance score for Murray Louis, premiere Verona, Italy) to name a few.  PIS ALLER, his most recent percussion score for Laura Dean’s Ultimate Journey premiered in 2000 in Salt Lake City.

Additionally, Jon has received several composer’s grants and has co-authored a book on musical instrument building.


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