Peter Jones

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Peter Jones is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser with a wide stylistic range. He has been an active musician in the dance field for the past twenty years. He has performed with many leading dance improvisers including Andrew Harwood, Chris Aiken, David Dorfman and Kirstie Simson. He has created numerous scores for choreographers including, “Viscous Beauties” for Kevin Wynn, “21st Century Stride” for Danny Buraczeski’s Jazzdance and The Metal Garden for Sean Curran. He also works as pianist/arranger for singer Philip Hamilton and frequently collaborates with percussionist Tigger Benford. He has released five CDs of music on his own recording label, Joneschord Music. New releases include “Skeletons” for solo piano. Currently he is musical director for the dance program at Mount Holyoke College in western Massachusetts.

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