Marina Surgan

Classical / Russian style Original Ballet Class CDs and Sheet Music Books

Marina Surgan has been the Principal pianist for Canada’s National Ballet School since 1986.  Born in the former Soviet union where she was classically trained in Moscow, Marina immigrated to Toronto in 1975 and joined NAB in 1978.  Highlights of her creative career include:

      • Composing Music for the Cecchetti Grade Examinations (1983)
      • Accompanist for the NBS competing in the third International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi (1986) and First International Contemporary ballet in Mexico, Monterey (2000)
      • Prix de Lousanne used Marina’s piano recordings for the 10 Classical Variations Edition in 2001-2002
      • Touring with NBS across Canada, the US, Mexico, Germany, France, Japan, Finland, Sweden.
      • Conducting ballet accompaniment workshops and playing master classes.

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