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Hand Drumming and Vocal Suite in 5 Parts

by Tigger Benford and the New World Drumming Group

Drummers:  Tigger Benford, Glen Fittin, Todd Isler, Martha Partridge
Singers:  Danon O’Sow, Maya Azucena, Elizabeth Haselwoood, Pene McCourty

World music / Indian Music style / Good for Modern Dance combinations & compositions

Ending of Part 1 – Based on the number 16


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Talamalika by Tigger Benford and The New World Drumming Group

Excerpt from Booklet:  “Notes about the piece:

“Tala” is the term used in Indian classical music to describe time and rhythm.  “Malika” means chain or garland.  There is a light North Indian classical form known as “ragamalika”, or garland of ragas, in which the soloist strings together a sequence of different ragas, instead of adhering to just one for the entire form of the work.  this suite consists of a chain of talas, hence the title “Talamalika”.  Besides it has a nice ring.  The syllables used here by the drummer’s vocal sections are based on and inspired by the rhythmic solfedge systems of India, known as “bols” in the North, and “solkattu” in the South.  The particular patterns and syllables heard here are composed by Tigger Benford.

The foundation of the piece is the sequence of numerical bases listed with the pieces.  Instrumentation for each piece was developed by the drumming group.  All of the drumming recorded here was played at the same time in the same room.  the vocal material is improvised, and sometimes, harmonies were developed by the singers to enhance melodies composed by Tigger Benford.”

Tigger Benford is a percussionist, composer and improviser specializing in hand drumming and music for modern dance classes.  


Music & Time Numerical Base / Timing Meter Length Musical Excerpt Demo
Part 1: Gratitude of a North American Based on the number 16 in 4/4 11:05 Part 1 – Ending

Part 2: Double Chakra Based on the number 14 in 7/4 8:06 Part 2 – Ending
Part 3: Zodiac Inversion Based on the number 12 in 3/4 and 6/8 6:17 Part 3 – Beginning

Part 4: Compassionate Hand Based on the number 10 in 5/4 6:48 Part 4 – Middle

Part 5: Communion Based on the numbers
8,6,4,3,2,and 1
evolved from
4/4 to 3/4 to 2/4
8:45 Part 5 – Beginning

TALAMALIKA  – New Word Drumming Group

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