Ron Wess

R&B, Hip Hop, and other styles

Since 2003, Ron has been residing in Kansas but having lived in Virginia since 1976, still calls Virginia his home.  Having been raised in a Military family he traveled from the US to Naples Italy, from Italy to Puerto Rico, and back to the States which added to his musical experience.
“I don’t lke to listen to one style of music.  You don’t grow musically.  These songs are not just tracks, but my life experience like the soundtrack of my life. I feel like my tracks are positive spiritual journeys, giving the listener the canvas and paint that they may make their work of art through what they hear hopefully taking with them somewhere peaceful.”

Ron’s interests & passion for music lie beyond R&B and Hip Hop and includes rock alternative to classical, techno-house and jazz and movie scores and soundtracks.
” I feel now and when I reach that higher musical status the goal is to uplift and inspire through what I do whether it be art, choreography, or music.  I just want to be able to give back because many have helped and inspired me.  Hopefully all who listen will enjoy. … Peace, Love and God Bless!”

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