Movin Up

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Percussion Grooves for Dance

by Beverly Botsford with John Hanks & Ed Butler

10 World Music, long track, various metered percussion pieces for Modern Dance combinations.   “Polyrhythmic inspirations of Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Carolina designed to accompany dance, exercise, or improvising on a musical instrument.”

Track 1 Summer Samba


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Movin Up – by Beverly Borsford

From the Movin Up CD insert: “As a musician involved for many years in the dance world (modern, jazz, and ethnic), I’ve become aware of the challenge dance educators face in trying to find appropriate music for teaching class-rhythms that are easy to count, clear entrances, extended length, and a variey of time signatures and tempos.  With these needs in mind, I mapped out this recording, and then gave my instruments “permission” to dance.  I hope it moves you to dance too.  I invite you to use these polyrhythmic tapestries to create.  Choreography.  Work out.  Exercise. Jam with it on your own musical instrument.  Meditate.  Clean House!  May the seeds of the divine rhythm and creativity that inspired “Movin’ Up” continue to evolve and blossom for you.  “ASHE ” –

 “This recording is an experiment in polyrhythms, tones, textures, shape and time. It is an exploration of the elemental.  Respectfully drawing from the musical cultures of Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and North Carolina, I have attempted to create a wide variety of grooves that everyone can easily hear and understand.  Movin’ Up was intended as accompaniment for dance- of the body, mind, and spirit.” – From the CD insert.


Beverly Botsford:  congas, dunun, shekere, djembe, ganza, agogo, balafon, bells, donno( talking drum), cabasa, temple blocks, cymbals, Korean gongs, vibraslap, kitchen pots, wine glasses, kalimba, caxixi, gongon, tamborim, brake drums, clave, rain stick, chimes, triangle, berimbau, frame drum, kilen (log drum)

John Hanks:  snare on Summer Samba, drum kit on Breakin’, Bossa 144, and Seven Far, shakers on Bossa 144

Ed Butler: kanjira and rie on Fifth World.



1. Summer Samba 6:32 4/4
2. baladun 9:09 6/8  
3. four the jump 3:20 4/4  
4. gimme five 3:37 5/8
5. breakin’ 5:00 4/4  
6. bossa 144 9:03 4/4  
7. swing six 6:30 6/8
8. fifth world 3:15 5/4  
9. seven far 3:05 7/8
10. not quite koukou 4:29 4/4  

Movin Up – by Beverly Botsford

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