From Birth to the Earth

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Afro-Percussion Music for Dance and Movement

by Palms Down / Roderick Jackson

9 percussion pieces for Modern Dance combinations

Steady tempo pieces with long length for floor combinations, across the floor & improvisation.

Track 1 Here We Come


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From Birth to the Earth by Palms Down


   TITLE Meter Time Instruments DEMOS
1. Here We Come 4/4 5:23 percussion & flute
2. Horton Hears A Three 6/8 5:13 percussion & flute
3. Desert Sand 4/4 4:17 slower tempo
percussion & flute
4. D Train to Prospect Park 4/4 5:52 environment sounds & percussion  
5. Nights in Brazil 4/4 7:39 percussion & flute  
6. Meet Me at Lezly’s 6/8 6:03 percussion
7. Shirley Then Pearl 8/8 5:00 flute & light percussion

8. Fauzi and Dora 5/4 3:24 percussion & flute

9. Conga Madness 4/4 10:01 percussion – upbeat tempo  

Roderick Jackson: Djembe, Congas, Shekere, Mbira, Marimba, Vibra-Tone, Vibra-Slap, Samba Whistle, Surdo, Tambourine, Cowbell, African-Agogo

Ayanda Clarke: Djembe solo (Here We Come), Conga solo (Conga Madness), Bongo solo (Horton Hears a Three), Drumset, Marimba, Caxixi, Cowbell, Shakers, Triangle

Earl Spencer: Surdo, Dumbek, Udu, Conga solo (Here We Come), Lead Drum (D Train to Prospect Park), Agogo Bell.

Eldio Rolim: Repique, Pandeiro, Birimbau, Agogo Bell, Surdo and Nut Clave (Nights in Brazil), Lead Drum (Meet me at Lezly’s), Pandeiro, Conga, Caxixi, Dundun, Songba.

Michael Ulmer: Didjeridoo, Shakers, Marimba

Nadi:  Flute

From Birth To The Earth By Palms Down


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From Birth to the Earth


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