Percussion Jams for Dance

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by John Hanks & Ken Ray Wilemon

A Variety of Modern Dance Percussion Pieces – Recorded in the ARK at Duke University.

10 Long Percussion Tracks –
Track 6  Latin Rock


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Percussion Jams for Dance by John Hanks and Ken Ray Wilemon

John Hanks of Percussion Jams for Dance is North Carolina based and has been full-time staff musician at Duke Dance Program, where he played percussion and piano for Modern, Jazz and Ballet Classes.  He has been a long time accompanist for the American Dance Festival (since 1984), Jazz Dance World Conference, and Duke University Dance Program.  He is also a busy freelance percussionist, performing with Jazz and Classical ensembles, and teaches percussion in the Duke Music Department.


  Title  Time DEMO
1. Medium 4/4 4:03

2. Medium Waltz 5:02
3. Tango 4:48
4. Slow 6 5:51
5. Fast Waltz 5:44
6. Latin Rock 5:39  
7. Djun Djun 6:13  
8. Slwo Waltz 6:43  
9. Fives 5:21  
10. Unprepared Jig 4:24

Percussion Jams for Dance
By John Hanks & Ken Ray Wilemon

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