Here After Here

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Jon Scoville

“Here After Here is a score for dance/theatre/video production created by Tandy Beal, asking the perennial question: “What happens when we die?”
The piece originally previewed at the West Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA in the autumn of 2007, and premiered at Crocker Cabrillio Theater in Aptos, CA September 2010.

12 tracks  – Track 11 – Hour of Waiting


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 Here After Here – by Jon Scoville


1 Hour of the Call (Cries & Whispers)  


2 Hour of the Shroud Voice: Helen Craig reading
Encounter by Czeslaw Milosz

Track 2-1 


Track 2-2 


3 Bardo #1 Voices from the following culures:
Buriart, Arabic, Inuit, Xingu
piano quote from Eric Satie’s Sonneries

Track 3-1 


Track 3-2 


4 Hour of the Clue Art Lande, keyboard guitar


5 Bardo #3 (Dream) Voice: Bengali child singer
Quote from Bach’s Mass in B Minor

Track 5-1 


Track 5-2 


6 Echo Hunters  

Track 6-1 


Track 6-2 


7 Hour of Watching (Hellven)  


8 Better Angels (The Séance)  


9 Hour of the Fragments  


10 The White Plume Art Lande, keyboard wind instruments


11 Hour of Waiting (Tango) Art Lande, keyboard guitar


12 Hour of the Garland (The Tower is Cleared) various brief excerpts:  Led Zeppelin, Ge. Pershing,
James P. Johnson, Wilson Pickett, Robert Johnson,
JF Kennedy, Miles Davis, Ralph Scoville, Franklin Roosevelt,
Chuck Berry, Paulo Brandao, Rumi/ Coleman Barks,
Stevie Wonder, Admiral Peary, Sally Ride, The Beatles,
Annie Dillard, Reya Handman, Fred Astaire, Elizabeth Hayes,
Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, Rain & Thunder over
Cream Hill Pond, North Cornwall, CT.

Track 12-1 


Track 12-2 


HERE AFTER HERE  By Jon Scoville 

Music by Jon Scoville:
Albert’s Bicycle
Certain Twilights
Here After Here
Listening to the Earth
Pirouette Park
Wide Life


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