The Fairies and the Elves

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The Fairies and the Elves by June Olsson

The Fairies and the Elves single download – from the Fast Dragon CD
2 Versions included:  one with and one without opening narration plus PDF of dance suggestions, counts and other information.

7:21 minutes:
Opening without Narration: 





The Fairies and the Elves by June Olsson

The Fairies and the Elves single download – from the Fast Dragon CD
2 Versions included:  one with and one without opening narration plus PDF of dance suggestions, counts and other information.

The Fairies and the Elves – dance ideas:

Lots of choreography possibilities.   Members of different level dance classes, soloists and boys class can all perform in a single piece.

The 7 minute piece has an opening section (with or without an opening narration), a closing, and 5 sections with music transitions between each section.

Groups can dance together or as individual classes.  Dancers can move off to watch, and later join in during the transition sections.  Groups can include fairies & elves in groups and/or solo dancers can enter and perform and move off or watch onstage.

There is a fanfare about midway, perfect to announce special dancers or soloists.
The last section might be good for boys – as scary trolls or giant or funny lumbering big elves.
Below are some suggestions.

Section Counts Approx Time elapsed Instruments Possible Characters Other Ideas
Narration Opening

Loose counts 0:47 Lighting effects on stage or in dark



884 0:47 – 0:56 Little Fairies wake up and peek out Fairies come out of hiding – tempo accelerates
Section 1 8888-8




:56 – 1:23

1:23 – 1:41

1:41 – 2:00

1:57 – 2:00

Main melody – trumpet fill in

Small bells added in

String descant

Long note for 8 counts

Little fairies dance Can be very young dancers, or with slightly older ones helping them
Transition 88-88 2:00 – 2:15 Falling bells transition


Little ones have a seat and watch.   older fairies can enter and help them to places to sit.. or off stage
Section 2 – Reed melody





8888 4

2:15 – 2:28 2:28 – 2:44 English Horn melody Bell Counter melody added Older Fairies Older fairies dance
Transition 884 884 2:44 – 3:00 Falling Bells Fairies anticipate more arrivals
Section 3




Section with drums







3:00 – 3:15

3:15 – 3:21

3:21 – 3:35

3:35 – 3:49

3:49 – 4:03

4:03 – 4:16

4:16 – 4:23


Xylophone Melody

Bass added

English Horn Melody


Trumpets (new melody)

String descant

Held note

Fairies dance Elves enter (dwarfs) Elves march in All dance together Fairies make ready to welcome

1st set of elves – maybe dwarves enter 2nd set march in…

All dance together

Transition 8884 4:23 – 4:35 Falling Bells Anticipate new arrivals
Trumpet Fanfare 4448 4:35 – 4:44 Trumpets Royal Elves Enter regally & watch dancing
Section 4 8888



4:44 – 4:58

4:58 – 5:12

5:12 – 5:27

English Horn Melody

Trumpet & English Horn

Melody repeat

Fairies and Elves Dance Fairies and elves dance together






5:27 – 5:37

5:37 – 5:44


Falling Bells

Low Vocals


Oh Oh!

Royal Elves Leave An Ominous feeling. Fairies protect little ones….


88 5:44 – 5:51 Low Vocals – in 2’s Scary Trolls or Giants enter Stomping or heavy footed
Section 5






Section 5 ending to transition – to beginning of goodbyes
8888 8



5:51 – 6:06

6:06 – 6:09

6:09 – 6:23

Trumpet Melody

Just rhythm

Rising trumpet scale with Ah’s


Trolls Dance or scare the others


This can be funny – or fairies running and hiding from troll.

They all gather together and chase off the scary troll

Recap Section 1




6:23 – 6:37




The fairies & Elves all dance in celebration
Good Bye 8888 8


6:37- 6:54


Trumpets Some dance off stage waving goodbye…
Transition 888 4 6:54 – 7:06 Falling bells Young fairies gather the little ones
Ending No count 7:06 – 7:21 Little Fairies They go hide under the leaves and fall asleep.

Section 1:  (Fairies come out from hiding) Bell melody, (more fairies come out ?) Bells with counter melody, Bells with high strings.
Section 2: (Fairies – group 2 entrance – different look) Melody 2 – reeds, melody & counter melody
Section 3: (Fairies – possible group 3) Xylophone, (Entrance of the Elves – some fairies dance with elves) clarinet, Repeat octave higher, (more elves?) 2nd melody, Repeat with high strings
Section 4: (More elves/ tall fairies or groups join together) Clarinet with trumpets, Clarinet counter melody, High counter melody
Section 5: (Scary elves or Trolls) Trumpets and Ah’s, climb to finale (Scary elves leave)
Ending: Faires and elves dance again, elves & some fairies wave goodbye, the rest of the fairies go back to hiding and go to sleep.

Narration Text:
Time was, when winter came upon the Land,
that in the Forests and the Wildflower Meadows
There was a gathering of the Fairies and the Elves.

And when all was calm on the night of the Winter Solstice,
They would peek out from behind the Flowers and the Trees,
And wildly celebrate on that last night before they snuggled in
For a cold winter.

And even now, If you close your eyes,
And take aride on the wind of your imagination,
You will see them Dance!

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