Fast Dragon

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By June Olsson

For creative movement, repertory pieces, or for general listening..
Some Narrations.  Some compositions from Commissioned Modern Dance & Children’s Programs.

7 Tracks.
Track 1 Free Flight




Fast Dragon by June Olsson

Fast Dragon is a collection of musical pieces from dance commissions:

1. Free Flight 3:03  piano, violin, very short vocal introduction:
“Come take a walk with me, in the meadow.”


2. And They Danced 5:26  Commissioned for the theatre production,
“Hermetic Circles”, written & directed by Pablo Vela. “The Muses”

  towards the end
3. Coral Reef 8:50  excerpt from commissioned modern dance composition
“Encounters” by former Hawkins dancer James Reedy 
towards the beginning


towards the end
4. The Fairies and the Elves 7:24  Some Narration at the opening:
Good for recital piece with several groups:
See below



5. In the Time Before the Sun Comes Up 5:40  excerpt from “In the Land of the Adagahi”  
6. The Rainbow 3:21  excerpt from commissioned modern dance composition
“Looking Up” by Marilyn Marloff
7. Fast Dragon 8:26  Original Music and Story Narration

       Twas in the Land of the Midnight Sun this tale oft was told,

How a fine young man and a lady fair did brave the icy cold,
And to the Mountains in the North did travel very far,
To learn an ancient wisdom and discover who they are,
And so it was, and so it is, and so it shall be!


Track 4 – the Fairies and the Elves can be purchased separately as a download.
2 Versions:  with and without narration:

The Fairies and the Elves – dance ideas:
An opening and closing with 5 Clear sections for groups of fairies & elf entrances  – each section  + or  – about a minute each… with a transition between each.
each group can be a separate dance and during transition move off to watch others – or join in at different points.

Section 1:  (Fairies come out from hiding) Bell melody, (more fairies come out ?) Bells with counter melody, Bells with high strings.
Section 2: (Fairies – group 2 entrance – different look) Melody 2 – reeds, melody & counter melody
Section 3: (Fairies – possible group 3) Xylophone, (Entrance of the Elves – some fairies dance with elves) clarinet, Repeat octave higher, (more elves?) 2nd melody, Repeat with high strings
Section 4: (More elves/ tall fairies or groups join together) Clarinet with trumpets, Clarinet counter melody, High counter melody
Section 5: (Scary elves or Trolls) Trumpets and Ah’s, climb to finale (Scary elves leave)
Ending: Faires and elves dance again, elves & some fairies wave goodbye, the rest of the fairies go back to hiding and go to sleep.

Short Vocal opening with music / or the piece can be edited to start without narration / download of single has both versions:
Time was, when winter came upon the Land,
that in the Forests and the Wildflower Meadows
There was a gathering of the Fairies and the Elves.

And when all was calm on the night of the Winter Solstice,
They would peek out from behind the Flowers and the Trees,
And wildly celebrate on that last night before they snuggled in
For a long and cold winter.

And even now, If you close your eyes,
And take aride on the wind of your imagination,
You will see them Dance!

FAST DRAGON by June Olsson

Other Music by June Olsson
The Fairies and the Elves
Sleep And Dream
In the Land of the Adagahi

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