Ballet Jewels

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by Pianist and Accompanist Lisa Harris 

24 Classical & Popular Songs of Piano Arrangements for Ballet Class

Track 1  Pliés  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Evan McColl


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Ballet Jewels by Lisa Harris


  BARRE Song Title  Composer Meter Demos
1 Plié First time ever I saw your face Evan Mccoll 3/4
2 Slow Tendu/w balance Ben Scharf 2/4
      Slow Tendu/w balance
3 Slow Tendu I’ll be there Gordy 2/4
      Slow Tendu
4  Tendu Isla bonita Madonna 2/4
5  Quick Tango Renaissance Music Harris 2/4
      Quick Tango
6 Quick Tango Bach Concerto in d minor Bach 2/4
      Quick Tango
7 Degage Thriller Temperton 2/4
8   RDJ Power of Love Rush, Applegatte 3/4
9 Fondu Out of my life Bahler 3/4
10 Frappé Cell block tango Kander, Ebb 2/4
11 Frappé Candy shop Madonna 2/4
12 Adagio Giselle Waltz Adam 3/4
13 Stretch All the way Cahn 2/4
14 Grand Battement Hard knock life Strouse 2/4
      Grand Battement
15 Tendu Hair medley MacDermot 2/4
16 Tendu Jersey Boys medley Crewe 2/4
17 Tendu Open your heart Madonna 2/4
18 Tendu w pirouette Too good to be true Crewe 2/4
      Tendu w pirouette
19 Adagio Godfather Rota 3/4
20 Pirouette Godfather waltz Rota 3/4
21 Jump Bayadere variation Minkus 3/4
22 Jump Circus music   3/4
23 Waltz Ballet Extravaganza   3/4
24 Reverence Smile Chaplin 2/4

BALLET JEWELS by Lisa Harris

Music by Lisa Harris
Artistry in Motion
Ballet Elegance
Ballet Jewels
Company Class
Princess At The Ballet


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