Adventures in Pre-School Dance Vol 2

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Volume 2
By Andrew Holdsworth

Teaching consultants:   Eva perdiki LRAD, Caroline Butler ARAD RTS, Karen Cadogen LISTD, RAD teachers Cert., Jane du Toit LISTDfor Ballet Class

Lots of fun orchestrations.  Some pieces with children and adult singing and a few with voice overs..

Track 27  Clapping with the Seals


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Adventures in Pre-School Dance Vol 2 by Andrew Holdsworth

CONTENTS of Adventures in Pre-School Dance Vol 2:

 Tracks Adventures at the Park Suggested Exercise Length Demo
1 Warm-up – Flying with the Butterflies tiptoe runs with pause, spinning 2:00
2 Picking the Daisies fingers and hands, arm extensions, knee bends 1:39
3 Skipping to the Playground skipping, galloping, arm swings 1:25
4 Bouncing with the Bunnies leg extensions, bend and bounce, pat-a-cake, bunny hops 1:59
5 Creeping up on the Blackbird curl and stretch, tiptoe, creep and freeze 1:04
6 Strutting with the Ducks jiving, finger clicking, sharp hands, groovy walks 1:45
7 Jumping in the Puddles bouncing, galloping, clapping, marching 1:42
8 Cool Down – Stretching in the Long Grass soft arms, stretching, swaying, slow spin and balance 2:16
9 A Bow or a Curtsey to the Animals bow, curtsey :25
10 Improvisation at the Park improvisation 6:10
11 Performance at the Park performance piece 1:30
 Tracks Adventures in Outer Space Suggested Exercise Length Demo
12 Warm-up – Blast Off! tiptoe runs, spinning, bend and bounce 2:15
13 Marching with the Martians marching, clapping, transfer of weight, sharp shapes 1:50
14 Swirling through the Solar System arm circles with ribbons, tiptoe runs, knee bends, walks 2:05
15 Reaching for the Stars rises, knee bends, tiptoe walks, arm circles 2:25
16 Walking like a Robot robot arms, isolations, marches, jumps 1:30
17 Run and Pause with the Zloobs run and shape, run and balance, clapping games 1:40
18 Bouncing with the Blingbops jumping at different speeds, skipping, point and close 1:41
19 Wiggle Jive with Babyzog and Daddyzog twisting, jiving, clicks and claps, exercise for feet 1:35
20 Cool Down – Floating in Space stretching, tiptoe rises 1:34
21 Improvisation in Outer Space improvisation 6:05
22 Performance in Outer Space performance piece 1:30
 Tracks Interpretive Movement:
Adventures Around the World
  Length Demo
23 Spanish Dance   1:20
24 New York Dance   1:10
25 Chinese Dance   1:25
26 African Dance   1:20
 Tracks Listening Games   Length Demo
27 Clapping with the Seals With Voice over 2:34
28 Slow, Fast, Faster With Voice over 3:20
29 Wobble, Creep or Bounce? With Voice over 3:10
30 Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes   2:36

Adventures in Pre-School Dance – Volume 2 by Andrew Holdsworth

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Adventures in Pre-School Dance Vol 2


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